Thursday, 15 September 2011

Buy soma tabs Colorado Springs

buy soma tabs Colorado Springs

Better known by its brand name Soma, the drug is not only a prescription muscle relaxants more often, especially for back injuries and neck, which is also buy soma tabs Colorado Springs one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in general. This is a problem, Letz said, because the drug has a high incidence of abuse and dependence. "The problem is Soma is metabolized into another drug called meprobamate, which has many problems with it, but the main one being that it is very addictive, "Letz said in an exclusive interview with the executive of the accident." buy soma tabs Colorado Springs Meprobamate is no longer used, but when you take Soma is immediately metabolized in the liver to the drug meprobamate. "Although it is called a muscle relaxant, Letz said he works more like a sleeping pill that acts as buy soma tabs Colorado Springs a depressant of the central nervous system." They work, because if you have muscle spasms and have a central nervous system depressant, which basically makes you relax much sleep, "he said. However, the depressant effects have also created a demand on the black market drugs, which now has a street value of $ 5 to $ 10 per pill. And this is a policy of our UR [utilization review] of the department, we are not going to allow more drug Soma "-. Gideon Letz, the Fund believes that the state with 20% of all disability claims in California with a prescription of at least one of Soma - a rate that makes the Golden State among the highest rates of use of Soma in the nation - Letz said he is working to reverse the trend "Basically, what we have. said, and it is our policy UR [utilization review] of buy soma tabs Colorado Springs the department, we are not going to allow more Soma drug, "he said." We will allow some candle because some of these people were in it for years and are very addicted to it, but we will not allow others. "Letz said buy soma tabs Colorado Springs that a number of other muscle relaxants on the market can do the job without the dangers associated with Soma. He called Flexeril likely as a substitute, noting that is in common use, "and zero in the street." Although hailed as a worthy goal, Alex Swedlow is not convinced that the ban may be implemented under the current rules of participation in a California workers compensation system. Swedlow, a researcher at the Institute of Workers' Compensation in California, says the program is one thing, but getting the denial of buy soma tabs Colorado Springs standing in a solution process may be more difficult to sustain. "We now have two sets of guidelinestreatment and are not necessarily agree with each other, "said Swedlow, noting the decision of the Division of Workers' Compensation go delàAmerican College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) guidelines as to the Office directives of the Chief of chronic pain. "How can you run an award scheme when you have a set of guidelines for saying one thing and another thing?" Letz but not deterred, arguing that the position of the State Fund with the support of two sets of guidelines. "From this moment I buy soma tabs Colorado Springs do not know that we made a hole in it yet. "But I think the word is out, and within a year or two, we will look drogabásicamente disappear." He is a convert.

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